Friday, January 21, 2011

A few big changes..

Besides living with a boy...the apartment looks very different than it used, here is a re-introduction to the apartment as the Battershells apartment!

Sam had an awesome idea to hand some lanterns from the ceiling in our bedroom!  It's my favorite part of the whole house. 

We are proud longhorns!
 The knot Sam used to hand the lanterns--it looks so cool.
 Each lantern has a flameless candle in it--they look awesome when turned on!
 The lanterns with the metal galvanized cubes below--the towels look very cool displayed in the cube.
 My bedside table and lamp.
 Our gallery of pictures on the wall in our bedroom.
 Near the door in our bedroom.
 Sam's dresser and our bedroom TV.
 My dresser.
 Side table in the living room
 Metal bookcase in the living room.
 Centerpiece and tablecloth.
 Living room--Sam got some cool mantle like shelves for display..they are awesome!

 A few small details of the house--Sam is great at these small details.

 A plate we got in Cabo--we love it!
 We love our Thomas O'Brien clock!

 We made pickles together--it was so fun!  They are so tasty!
 Our guest room looks much better.

Hope you enjoyed it!  We love the changes!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A few changes...

We are now the Battershells!!  But..the blog will have to stay the to-be Battershells because I can't figure out how to change it.  Oh well...maybe Sam will be able to help me.  Should have thought that one through a little more.

We are now in Houston and loving it--our first week home was last week, and Sam is adjusting to Houston traffic and his longer commute.

Our wedding was wonderful--better than we could have ever dreamed.  We loved every minute and were so excited we talked though most of our ceremony!  We are trying to be patient as we wait on the pictures---6ish more weeks!

We had a fabulous time in Cabo on our honeymoon!  We loved the sunshine and warm weather (we are not cold weather people).  We went snorkeling and saw some awesome fish--it was Sam's first time to snorkel and he loved it!  We also got to see the Arc where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of cortez--it was a wonder.  We loved the beach and the time we got to spend together relaxing.

Our first weekend here in Houston we spent working on the apartment and getting settled.  Sam is a huge help and I love how involved he is with decorating.  Truthfully, he has better style than me and I am so thankful for that!  I will try to post pictures soon of some of the great things he has done. 

We got our marriage license back over the weekend and today begins my journey of changing my name (legally).  First stop: DMV.  I get off work at 3:30, so I am headed there asap after work.  Praying they are nice and it's easy!!  Also, you can get a new social security card by mailing some forms and documents, so those go in the mail today.  Two things down, lots to go.  (I heard on average it takes 3 months to change all the things necessary.....)  This could be a long one.

That's all for now...
The Battershells