Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Back!!!


I had big aspirations for this blog (and still do)...and then lots of life happened and now it's been two weeks.  Or maybe more, who's counting?  soooo...don't be upset.  I still love the blog.  And you two readers who are out there.  Are you out there?? 

Let's give you the quick run down:
  • Mr. Battershell and I went to Austin for Mothers day.  It was great; we ate at Green Pastures and it was my first time to be a part of this family tradiation officially as "family!"  Yea for marriage.
  • We bought a queen bed!!! Hallelujah!  Full bed = too small. 
  • We have decided to stay in our current apartment for the next year.  Moving in August = bad idea.  Moving in Houston ever = bad idea.  Moving in Houston in August = !?!?!?!?!?!  idea.  Thus, we are staying.
  • I have an intern.  Her name is Tiffany and she is smart and nice and personable.  She follows me around all day every day.   Meet Tiffany:

    She's so cute!  And learning so fast! 
  • We attended two friends weddings in one weekend.  Yay for more marriage.
  • We have been married 5 months!  (and getting closer to 6!)
  • I have finally started a "plate wall"....more pics to come.  The house looks different now, (with the queen bed and all); and we have been working on decorating.  SOOO, I will re-tour all of you guys. 
Remember this picture...back when we talked about what was inspiring me/what I liked???  The white linens, etc?  That's where the inspiration for the queen bed came.  You're going to love it! 
    The husband was even so sweet to get me white peonies to go on my bedside this picture!!
    And yes, I am forever indebted to his twin, Kara, for her complete success in instilling my husband with wonderful style.  THANKS KARA!!!!!!! 
  • PS. The guest room has been updated--so there is more reason to come visit!!

We are so looking forward to our Memorial day traveling,  no long hours in the car...just the Mr. and me in Houston.  It will even include sleeping in. 

Enjoy your 3 day weekend as much as we are going to enjoy ours!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simple loves

Ah, Thursday. The week is almost over.
Lately I've been inspired by simple design.  You could say it's the husband's fault.
I've fallen in love with mid-century design.
Combined with my love of everything pottery barn
you could say I'm daydreaming design and houses.
So we will keep saving those paychecks so we can find that dream house.
But for now I'm transforming the apartment into our little mid-century haven.
and these are my simple loves and the things that get me inspired:

Edison chandelier.  It was originally the husband's idea; but I have fallen completely head over heels with it.  I'll claim intelligence on my part for recognizing a good great idea.

White linens.  Ah, timeless white linens.    I don't care much for clutter and would prefer everything to be built in and put away. Blue walls are soothing against timeless white bed linens. Floral patterning appearing on a round bedside table adds a note of femininity.
Ah, there it is again.  So wonderfully refreshing.  I feel better just looking at it.

I saw this table runner as a DIY project on a blog.  I must do it soon.  Mom will be proud of repurposing old doilies--it's recycling at it's best.  Wonderfully classic.

Shelving--always an issue in apartments.  These are well done. 

White vases.  So chic and elegant.  Love them for all seasons. 

A thought to leave you with for the day:

What do you think? What style inspires you?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am a blogger now. Although to my husband this fact is embarassing.
Not that all my blog posts previous to this were not sufficient to make me a blogger.
But now I think "I need this picture for the blog".
Or "I wonder how I can make the blog cuter"
It's not just I like to write my random thoughts just for mom to read (but thanks for reading, Mom!)
But I enjoy learning the HTML and widgets and formatting stuff like that.
And I have blogs I love love love.
And some of those ladies can make some pretty incredible crafty stuff...(yes, Mom, that includes you!!)

So...I thought I would share a few of the projects I will attempt to tacke in the next....while

1. Hoop frames
Aren't they adorable??  You get to pick your fabric, can easily change the photos as you choose, and they are simple!  And for those of you who love photos like I won't blow your whole budget on frames!!  

2. Date your mate
This cute little idea is from the blog dollar store crafts.  All you need is a deck of cards, sharpie, whole punch, and two rings.  How easy is that?  Oh yes, and you need a wonderful husband to love on.  Check, check, check.  Samuel, act surprised when this little goodie shows up in  your lunch one day.

3. Headbands
Out of all of my crafts...this looks the hardest, and is probably just me dreaming away and will never really happen.  But come on, maybe one day??

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday blog friends!
It's been a while since we talked. 
It may be Monday (a day we all despise), but I am grateful for new mercies. New weeks, new months, new projects and a God that starts again with us daily.