Friday, June 29, 2012

big news

there are times in my life when God's movement seems so clear.
at every turn there is evidence of His hand moving--in ways I never thought possible.

This season is one of those for us.
He's moving.
Sam has landed his dream career; we're moving closer to our family.
and in the midst of all the crazy, and not knowing what city I will live in,

I have a job. I have a job.  Only a handful of applications sent out, but after just a few days, I got an email to interview.
and then then interview two days later.
On the Friday we would (already) be in Austin for Sam's grandmom's funeral.

After being recognized by a professor after taking his class 3 1/2 years ago,
repeating a conversation with my boss as my very first answer to a question (PCR troubleshooting for you science geeks).
It became evident that all that was going on was a bit of divine intervention.
and Sam and I saw all that was moving around us, stunned and astounded by the God who cares enough to orchestrate it all.

As of July 19th, I am employed by none other than the University of Texas!
I'm thrilled to be able to work in their labs, and do a bit of switching from cancer to genetics.

More news:

We have a place to live! Lots of phone calls, pictures, and some help from my amazing in laws--and we've got an apartment!

Apartment to apartment is much preferred to having to put all of our stuff in storage for a time!

And EVEN MORE news:

With all the boxes, moving, patching, and painting going on in our current place, it's a bit of chaos.
My etsy shop will VERY soon go on vacation until we are settled in our new place, so THIS WEEKEND ONLY it will be open (Until Sunday)

Use the code MOVEIT for 40% off. 

I'll open again as soon as we're settled and unpacked--but it may be August before that happens, so if you've been eying something take this advantage to get it (and cheap!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

we've begun

with under 3 weeks until moving day, it's time.

slowly going through the house and getting rid of everything we don't use was yesterday's goal.
and then pictures started to come off of the walls.
Spackle went up, and the tears started to flow.

in the two years we've lived here,
we've gotten married and made some great memories.
great friends, great experiences.
and yet, it's time to pack.

so as all of our stuff goes into boxes,
we're trusting that the same will be true for our next home.
knowing that He is able to do and provide more than we can imagine.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Houston list

We're three weeks away from moving day! The boxes are starting to pile up in the guest room, and I'm still not sure just how to get so much newspaper and packing material, but it's starting to get real.

We're moving.
we're MOVING.

We've spent almost 2 years in Houston, and have really come to love this big city. It was a change and complete shock at first, but it grows on you!

so since we're three weeks away from the big move, we've complied a list of things we would like to do, and some we would like to do again!

  it's going to be a packed three weeks of finishing up some summer classes, packing, moving, saying goodbye, but we're going to cherish every minute of it.

if you've got something you think we should add to our list, let me know!
we want to soak up every last bit of our city before we leave.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

the state of my heart

if you missed our big news: we're moving.
You can catch yourself up over here.

we're 33 days away from the day Sam leaves Houston.
and in my heart, this very minute, the questions and doubt ring loud.

why now, Lord?
why leaving our friends?
why when we are comfortable?
why leave when I love my job?

because He is better.
this plan is better.

better hurts.
better means leaving good--leaving great.
better means trusting that this isn't as good as it gets.

and at moments, just moments better doesn't feel right. better leaves me crying daily in my office.
better doesn't seem enough when it might mean living separately. better seems harsh when plans get postponed. it doesn't feel better to walk this and know He gave it. that He's allowing my heart the pain and sorrow of leaving.  when, at times, it feels a world sitting on my chest, keeping the air from filling my lungs.

but He's better.
and better is enough.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A true story: We're moving to Austin

part 1: Great Grace
Not everyone knows our story.  We're college sweethearts, now married and sweethearts foveva.  Sam's from Austin, I'm from Fort Worth. after college I got a job in Houston, and we've been here almost 2 years. I work in cancer research, Sam works for Ford Audio Video.  I am head over heels in love with my job. I love the people I work with, and the guy I work for. It's a first job people dream about--if the pay was different, I would do it for my whole life.

Sam, on the other hand is a different story. His story is of sacrifice and provision. He's learned a lot in the job he has, but it's never been his passion. But daily I've watched him work a job that has driven us both to our knees at times for our family.  He's the picture of a selfless, giving, loving man.

It seems since the moment we married (and before) we've prayed for a career for Sam. A place where his great passion can be put into use in the workplace.  And for Sam, insurance is the perfect fit. And after months and months of waiting and hearing "no" and "not yet" and "keep waiting," the time  has come. Sam has a job with State Farm and starts July 19th.

part 2: our incubator in Houston
When I took a job in Houston that started the week after my college graduation, most people thought I was crazy.  We were to be married in 4 months, and I moved our little family to a city where we knew not a soul. We're a 5 hour drive from my family and 3 hours from his.

but the best part: it's been wonderful. it's been an incubator for us--time to grow and stretch and soak our lives in all the best. best friends, best churches, and each other.  and it will be hard to leave. most days are filled with tears of some sort. but through the tears we're seeing the good.  the good that we have been blessed with here, and the better that is to come.

part 3: the job search continues
 so, Samuel starts his job on July 19th. From now until then, I'm job searching for things in Austin.  I want to continue working in a lab environment.  If the time comes for  him to start and I'm still jobless (in Austin) I'll continue working in Houston.  I'll stay here with some friends until I have a job in Austin.  If December rolls around and I'm still jobless, I'm moving to Austin at that point.  we've received grace upon grace for Sam's job and believe the same will happen for me.

part 4: family
we love Austin. Half of our family is there (Sam's side) and my family will be only 3 hours away. We love the state Capitol (where we got engaged!) We love our restaurants there, we love the feel of the city.

part 5: grace upon grace 
When Sam moves, he can live with his parents if I'm not quite coming with him.  And I have multiple places to stay here.  It's strange and it's hard and there are still fears, but this feels more right and more us following God than anything.  This is where God is putting us and it brings me immense joy to watch my husband pursue a job he's desired for so long. I have no idea how everything will work, or when I will join Sam in Austin, but we know God's going to blow our mind in all of it.

SO, in 5 short weeks Sam's moving to Austin. and I'm hoping to follow ASAP. it's none of our doing. We're just praising the One who lavished great grace all over our house. while it might seem out of our "5 year plan", God has given Himself and his Provision, and we're saturated in that.  We'd love your prayers as I job search for jobs in Austin, pack up here and say goodbye to wonderful friends. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

friday ramblings

first, horray! It's Friday!

A) Thank you all for your kind words yesterday. I'm not giving up blogging at all, just changing the way I do it.

B) Keep using that code SCHOOLSOUT until Monday June 4th for 40% off

C) If you follow me on twitter, you've seen the insane amount of tweets about #shereadstruth.  WELL, now there's a website! Join! Go see! It's a wonderful thing and it's women reading the Bible together from all over the world.  It'll bless your socks off. Just go.

D) It's my last school-free weekend!  We're planning all the fun summer things. Like, looking at places to rent tomorrow.  Garage apartments and houses for rent, here we come.

Happy Weekend!