Friday, September 28, 2012

this week

has been a good one.
new schedules, feeling semi-normal adjusting to the new job.
cooked dinners at night, nice long runs, falling asleep reading this book.
if you haven't read it, I highly reccomend you go pick it up this weekend.
and read it all, so we can talk about it.

this weekend we're preparing to relax.
I have to work a few hours Saturday morning, but then it's sister blo out time.
I've never been to a blo dry bar--but with a groupon that made is $12 to look great and someone else doing all the work, who could resist?  any suggestions on which one to pick??
and time with a sister I've waited my whole life to have--getting sisters has been great.

I'll also be getting ready and figuring out my topic for 31 days. (linkup by the nester)
I read a lot of them last year, and since I write this blog to reflect and grow.
I've always wanted to challenge myself to write for 31 days straight on a topic, and see what comes of it.
I don't have my topic yet, but I'll spend a lot of time this weekend working it out.
I'm nervous and excited and all those emotions wrapped up in one about this 31 days thing.

and in between, I'll be soaking up all the fall I can find.
In Texas, it's a short (sometimes non-existant) season that lasts only a few days.
but I cram all the pumpkin into those days that I can find.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh hello, old friend

um. I haven't posted in nearing 3 weeks. that was an unintentional but very needed blogging break.
oops. sorry. but the thing about blogging for me, is that it's my family's story. and for now, our story was adjusting. Finding a new pattern, new sense of what's familiar.

In the meantime, here's what we've been up to:

+combining the last week of work at UT and the first two weeks of work at the new job
+ lots of running (the marathon's in 48 days. 48!)
+ an 18 mile run I wasn't quite sure I could do. Let me tell you, I was the queen of the world when I finished.
+ an hour commute each way
+life: cooking, cleaning, laundry. whey is the laundry never over?
+ speed dating church style looking for a small group. one word: ACKWARD.
+ eager anticipation of the new Mumford and Sons cd.
+ reading this book.
+ first time to the food truck park for dinner + dessert.

if you're an instagram follower (laurenbattershell), you might have noticed I've taken my time getting some new products ready. It's been very fun and very different, and they are all ready and waiting to be photographed. I've wanted to expand the shop in a completely different direction for a long time, and I've finally done it.

to celebrate that I'm back and the items are now up, use the code FRESH for 20% off all NEW turban headwraps.

Friday, September 7, 2012


If I haven't made it clear, I want to make it known now
Sam really has been the only way I've made it through the last 7 weeks of this job.
He's been completely supportive, doing all the dishes, housework, and letting me crash asleep whenever I can get a minute.
the picture of these vows (though they are not the ones we said at our wedding) have never been more true than they are now. It's funny to me--we promise things at a wedding, and as we grow together, they become more true then when we promised them.
 I am madly in love with my husband. like, widly, madly, crazy in love with him. he is loving and patient and gentle and he leads me so well; he is easy to follow and easy to serve. he is quick to forgive and quick to ask for forgiveness. he makes me laugh daily. there isn't a favorite memory with him...but just a complete and utter underservingness on my part of how he loves me daily. i am so so thankful, day after day, to be his. to get to share his name. to know that he has promised me his whole life here on earth. to know that when the Lord made Samuel in his mother's womb, he was making him for me. my husband loves me with a love that is powerful and transforming. he loves me as to push me more towards Christ. i am madly in love, deeply underserving, and utterly thankful.  
I love you, Samuel.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

where we're headed

as you've probably gathered around here, this new job change has been rough. When I tell people I work for the university, they all smile with delight and say "You must love working at your alma mater."  But sometimes things are not what they seem. And thus working here has been anything but great.

I won't tell you all the little facts of this job, but all parts of it: the commute, the work, the pay, the management....pretty much led to me a position where I was willing to do anything but this. Nanny, Starbucks, Walmart were all things I considered doing to tide me over until I could find a new job.

I fell into a place that was dark and sad; a place no one should be. I felt depressed, useless, stupid and at times, crazy. I watched some of my favorite things about myself disappear and I cried myself to sleep many a night feeling helpless, frightened and trapped. You guys, I've been miserable. It's insane how much a job can do that to you and the effect it can have on your whole life.

And then something happened: I got an interview, and then another. And a job offer. At a place where I'm back doing research. You guys, I never realized just how happy I am when doing science. I never dreamed my career would fulfill me this much or have such an impact on my day.
Life's too short to settle and just merely go through the motions; to accept things and just "get over it"; and I wasn't going to do it anymore. And by the grace of God and support of my family and friends, I'm moving on.
And so next Friday I'm saying so long to this place and headed to the next one.


I know there's a lot of people out there job hunting and searching; trust me, you're not alone. If you ever want someone to talk to about it, email me! I've been there.

also: if you're in a place like me, dealing with difficult people, this post is a must read.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

september goals

It's hard for me to believe it's September.
This year has gone faster than all other years, it seems.

So I've started to list out monthly goals.
Things I want to get done and not just let time flash by without noticing.
I'll try to recap the previous months' goals in each new post.

read three books this month
I'm a reader, but somewhere in adulthood the working + running + cooking has left this favorite hobby a little out of the loop. I'm wanting to make sure I plan time to read.

homecooked meals
with this new crazy work schedule, the amount of cooking I do is pathetic. I'm striving for 4 homecooked meals a week.

run 3 times during the week
With the marathon only 69 days away, I've got to be more diligent about getting my runs in during the week. This means not sitting on the couch when I get home--it's my kryptonite. If I sit down, my productivity for  the night is immediatly zapped. I have my Saturday long runs with my local running group, which are great; but I need more dedication on those weeknights.

organize our files
We are organized people, but yet, our personal files don't seem to have a good system. Any reccomendations?