Monday, April 30, 2012

25 by 25

I turned 23 back in February. and I meant to do a 25 by 25 list.
so I'm doing it now.
better late than never, right?

1. Run a marathon each year

2. Read a book a month
I'm a big reader, but sometimes other stuff gets in the way. 
I want to get back to going through books.

3. Get a tattoo.
I have one I've always wanted to get.

4. Get in to school.
Whether it's nursing school, grad school for a PhD or PA school;
I want to get in and know what my career will be.

5. Become a more intentional wife
I want to make sure I'm continually praying, supporting, and honoring my husband in all moments.

6. Become more patient.
These last two are more life goals, but I would love to improve on them now

7. Challenge myself in cooking
I cook most nights, but I would love to become more skilled!

8. Become involved in a ministry
We're gone to an orientation for  the Homebound careteam at our church, 
and are just waiting on our assignments!

9. Get to my ideal weight.

10. 2 date nights a month with Sam
Um-it's important. 

11.  Travel out of the country

12. Go camping in a tent.
I've seriously never camped in a tent, with a fire, and all that jazz.

13.  Take at least 2 weekends away with Sam
Retreats, short vacations, just time away

14. Learn how to use my camera.
I've started messing with the settings and read a couple of tutorials,
but I want to know how to use it well!

15. Finish reading the whole Bible
I'm halfway now! 

16. Clean up our eating
We've cut desserts for this month.
But I want to cut the processed junk and eat real food. 

17. Journal/write consistently
I think it's important to see where the Lord has brought us.
Journaling and writing is the best way for me to see that.

18. Having people over for dinner at least once a month
We have great friends, and want to cultivate our friendships

19. Stop drinking coffee after noon.
I need more water.

20. Rise with 30 extra minutes to prepare my heart and home.
Um, I'm not a morning person. But that time in the morning is so important.

21. Consistently give Sam guy time.

22.  Send cards.
Email and phone calls are quick, but there is such power in a handwritten note.

23. Eat Breakfast
I rarely eat breakfast, and I know how bad that is for you.

24. Take lots of pictures.
Walks, dinners, just us in our apartment.
Someday I'll want to show them to kids.

25.  Take more risks outside of my comfort zone.

That's it!
Do-able in a year and a half? I think so
I tried to include many tangible things--not too many sweeping generalities.

What about you? Do you have a list?

Friday, April 27, 2012

made my day

 shirt: target, necklace: pretties by meg, pants: jcrew: bracelet: i forgot. :)
It made my day. and week, that:

that I FINALLY found a chambray shirt at Target. for only $20. and a $3 off coupon (online) made it 17. make you holla.

last night we went out to cheesecake factory with some good friends.reeses peanut butter chocolate cake cheesecake. i'm in chocolate mode before may starts and it's a no-no.

Houston weather has been surpisingly not miserable hot. it won't last for long, but I'm enjoying it while it's here

i was able to score this necklace and this necklace from Laura at along for the ride. at a great deal.

i'm hearing lots of party jams on the radio.

mint green anything. but especially nail polish.

yes, that is my cell phone sticking out of my pocket. oops.
i was in a rush to get some self portraits done before work.

tonight we're attendting a free outdoor choral concert at a park near our house.
free dates? i'll take all you've got.

what things have made your day (and week)?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

may food challenge

i like dessert.
cookies, ice cream, chocolate.
i'll indulge in it all. way too often.
like i'll probably have one of those every night.

and i know that part of my diet has got to change.
we're not vegan, vegetarian, or any of that.
and we might reach that point one day, but for now, it's baby steps toward healthier eating

so, for the month of may, I'm making some changes.
I know they might seem small (and most of you probably have got this under control)
but for Sam and I, we want to live, long, happy, healthy lives, and so I've got to take inventory of what we're eating.
ANDDDD I've always heard that weight loss/health is 80% nutrition and 20% excercise. we're pretty good about the excersie, but I know our nutrition could use some work.

so, without anymore rambling introducing:

Now, these rules mostly revolve around dessert, but I will be attempting to make changes around the rest of our eating. like, all this week our meals have come from Skinny Taste, an absolutely wonderful website that has all sorts of mouth watering recipies done in a healthy way!

I would love your input.  do you struggle with diet? do you have favorite healthy recipes? share! favorite websites? I want to know!
and the biggest question of all:  what are your favorite "healthy" desserts?

Monday, April 23, 2012

my favorite weekends

are the ones without an agenda.
just two days of us relaxing, soaking in the outdoors, and spending a lot of time together

you're welcome for the picture overload.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

the waiting parts

if you've been around here for long enough,
you know that I blog mostly to tell our story.
the story of two sinners, covered in grace.
it's a story that paints the goodness of God,
not the goodness of us.

and this season of our story sounds a lot like waiting.
quiet, eager anticipation.
just waiting.

waiting for me to finish my pre-recs
waiting for Sam to find his passion in his career
waiting to know what city we'll eventually end up in. after all my school is done.
waiting to buy a house.
waiting (for AWHILE) for kids


and sometimes.
well, most of the time.
my selfish and impatient heart does not want to wait.
like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum,
I beg and plead and cry to God
why not now!?!
why not now?

because the waiting changes.
the waiting is the incubator.
he's prepping, preparing.
and if we're being honest, this waiting isn't so bad.
( I will not be a whiney blogger, nor a whiney person.)

the waiting can be hard.
but the waiting can draw my heart to the only giver of life.
so I'll stay in the waiting.
because I want to transition well.
when the time comes.

Monday, April 16, 2012

our first "garden"

living in an apartment makes some things hard
no pets.
no yard.
small space

but we wanted plants, a garden for so long, we decided to make something happen.
and with the help of a lot of pinterest ideas,
we set out to create a garden of succulents.

We went by Houston Garden Centers, and picked up our favorites. 
At 4/$12, it was cheaper than expected, and we got  some fun plants.

A few terra cotta plants from Home Depot, 
and about an hour of deciding which pants go into which pots. and viola.
we have potted succulents.

The shelf above our couch used to be a hodge podge of stuff.
now, it holds our garden.

and with that, we made our garden.
easy, quick, and they don't need a lot of watering.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

one pair of jeans

 Shirt: Tramp, (via Buffalo Exchange) Jeans: Gap Necklace: Buffalo Exchange Gold Peep Toes: Macy's

I own one pair of jeans.
Just one. 
These are them.  
Gap 1969 Curvy in size 4s. 
I am "blessed" with a large rear end and legs that can run,
so finding jeans has never  been an easy thing.
and as much as I want to wear skinnies in every color, it's just not in the cards for this body.

so I'll stick to this one pair of jeans,
because I really don't mind just having one.

some look at me in shock and awe when I reveal my jeans "secret"
but for me, it works. 

 if any of you have a lower half like mine and have found colored/skinnies that work
I'd love to know!

how many pairs of jeans do you have? what kind are they?
is one pair of jeans crazy to you?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

bits of easter

because, as always, I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.

and yes, my dress is from that clothes swap a couple weeks ago.

Easter was a sweet weekend of reflection of the cross.

Friday, April 6, 2012

dear friday

dear Friday,
I'm so pumped you are here. You and me, hanging out all day, no work getting in the middle of us.  Let's enjoy it by painting our nails, reading by the pool, and taking some food to a new mommy in  hopes she'll reward us by letting us hold her little bundle of joy.

dear Friday,
tomorrow we leave to see family. it's always so good and refreshing--I get so excited on the car ride there.

dear Friday,
this morning the bloom of the white flowers outside is so perfect for today. Today, Jesus died. Today, the white and perfect lamb was sacrificed. Looking out our window to those flowers is such a gentle and beautiful reminder.

dear Friday,
this morning you provided some great light (and coffee!) to enjoy trying to learn my DSLR.  Thanks for that. I've owned it for 6 months and never taken it off of auto mode. shame, shame.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about passion lately--and how most of the time, I'm lacking.

I'd rather take the easier way. The less "messy" way. The quieter way.  But the Lord, in His knowledge, made Sam a man full of passion. And if I'm honest, most of the time, I just want him to "be quiet", to "calm down".  I don't embrace his passion, but run from it.

I'm finding that for me, there's always an excuse getting in the way of passion. Either temporary or permanent, it's real to my mind--and I think there is something for all of us.  For me, the future and the unknowing of school is paralyzing to passion. PhD, nursing, Physician Assistant, the options are so many, and all sound good. I don't have a real passion about any. Any could be good for my life.

Once school is over, though, and I know my career, I'll do it. I'll really commit to passion.
But maybe what we (I) need is to become hyperaware of our season--this time that is so fleeting--where we are, and what's stopping us from passion now. Maybe there are things we can do to learn to live in passion here--having small weekly goals, talking about those options, reading affirmative verses and seeking the wisdom of the Lord. 

Tell me - is there anything standing in your way? Anything holding you back from pursuing your passion? Leave it in the comments, anonymous if you want.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend: Clothes Swap Party

This weekend was filled with the fun of a clothes swap party.
what's a clothes swap party, you ask?
It's the best kind of shopping party: girlfriends together, bringing clothes from their closet that they just don't wear anymore and shopping from that big 'ol pile of loot!

For free!!

Girlfriends, fun snacks, and clothes.  
Is there a better way to spend a Saturday? I argue there is not.

I got some heavy pinterest inspiration and made this for our decoration. I love love loved it.

get your girlfriend together and have one of these parties.
it's the best way to spend a weekend.
you'll walk away with some new finds! (I'll show you mine later this week)
and a full heart.