Monday, February 21, 2011

Battershell Fun Facts

Hello friends...

We have now been married TWO full months and are loving it more and more every day!  We have settled into a routine and thought you might enjoy some fun facts!

Battershell House facts:

  • Most eaten vegtable: Green Beans
  • We do (on average) one load of laundry a day
  • We have trouble staying up after 10pm
  • Lauren drives 5 minutes to work...Sam drives 45
  • We attend First Baptist Church
  • Lauren cooks.  Sam does the dishes.
  • Lauren likes wine.  Sam doesn't....we are working on this.
  • Sam is the better decorator.  (Thanks in large part to his twin sister, Kara)
  • We are both obsessively clean; and keep the house this way as well.
  • Sam's favorite band is Copeland....Lauren doesn't really know hers.
  • Sam could not live without music. Lauren could not live without her kindle.  (This is BESIDES each other, of course)
  • On New Years Eve we fell asleep at 9pm.  (We know, we are lame).
  • Lauren would like to get  PhD eventually.  (I mean cool would Dr. Battershell be??)
  • Lauren's favorite candy of the moment is Andes.  Sam is a consistent dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed some random facts!

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