Monday, January 7, 2013

on goals and grace

Every year, I start out with noble goals. Lists of them, how I'm going to fix all the things wrong with myself, and how I plan to get there quickly.

And each year, I fail.  In December, I find those lists, and look at how just a few months into the year (heck, a few weeks into the year), the changes are gone, and I've settled into my old ways. So, this pattern has to stop. Setting high goals, failing to achieve them, and measuring a year by their success or failure.

So this year, it's different. I do have some goals, but I'm holding them loosely. See, last year I had no idea of a move, job changes, and all that would be to come. They weren't on my radar and yet, they were the best of the year.  So this year, instead of measuring my life by these goals, it's going to be goals + grace.  Meaning, I know that the Lord holds my year, and if he takes my life to the places where I reach these goals, then awesome. If He takes me somewhere different, then these aren't a failure, just a different plan. 


I want to log 1,000 miles for the year. It's crazy and it's a lot, but it's do-able. Run 2 marathons. And reach my goal weight.  To do this, there will be a lot of healthy meals and cooking changes, but I'm not setting specific goals related to cooking. But know that cooking is a large part of keeping these goals alive.


We want to settle into a church and small group here that is our own. We haven't found a place that just "fits" yet, and it's so important to us to come alongside others and live together.

With finding a church, we want to find our place to serve. It's been 2 years since we've actively served anywhere, and it's beyond time. 

And that's it. Just 3 very small and large things. Not as much planning and stressing this year as grace.  

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