Wednesday, March 13, 2013

January + February Reading Recap

sooo... Remember how I finally showed you my book list for the year a couple of days ago?
and now it's the middle of March?  Well, it just seemed like the perfect time to recap what I I've read so far.  Take note: not all of these books were/are on my list for 2013. You can thank half price sales for that. They are all books on my list, and some happened to be cheap/on sale/borrowed from friends.

Cutting for Stone:  This book gripped me from the very first page.  It's a love story with such depth that you are hurting for both sides of the couple.  The twins born of the nun-nurse mother and surgeon father lead a life unlike any other.  The complexity, depth, and twists of this book kept me up late into the night to finish.

Life of Pi:  Honestly, this one took me awhile to get into.  I just couldn't get into the flow of it.  About halfway through, I started to enjoy it, but not near as much as I had expected.  When it ended, the ending left me with more intrigue and questions than a sense of closure.  I don't think all books need closure to be good, but I desired a bit more with this one.

A Clash of Kings:  I'm so into this series. It's fantasy--set in a time and place long ago. The story of 5 kings, at civil war with each other. And no, I don't watch the TV series.  If you want to step into fantasy, this is a great series to start with.

Beautiful Boy: This was an awesome book. Raw, real, and it doesn't hide or sugar coat a thing. It's a rare look into what drugs, and specifically meth do to families and people.  In the best way, it left me empathizing with all of the characters.

What are you reading? On my shelf this month: Bossypants and MWF seeking BFF

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