Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Evenings

Sunday evenings are some of Sam and my's favorite times.  We think of them as "the calm before the storm." They are the most relaxing, slowest part of the weekend that allows you to get ready for the week. It's a restful time where you can just enjoy being together, reflecting on the past week and getting ready for the next. 

That said, this Sunday afternoon was different than most, because instead of enjoying it together, it was time for him to head back to Austin.  We had a great weekend together--we enjoyed trying our first Houston restaurants, learning the city, and getting the last few things built and put together.  We had such a great time working on what will be our first place. But saying goodbye to Samuel is never my favorite moment.  His presence completely changes my attitude--when he is here, I want to cook great meals for him; but when it's just me, I don't want to put forth the effort "just for myself".  I am more energetic when he is here, lazier when he is not.  He changes completely most of the things in my day. 

As I was sitting lazily watching TV after he left, there was an undeniable similarity of how Sam changes me and how Christ changes me.   The presence of Christ in my life needs to have as visible a change in me as when Sam is around.  But to be honest, it does not always.  I don't always live like I share a life with Christ that I am excited about.  My relationship with Christ should be so evident that it is leaking and spilling over into everything I do.  I needs to change my mood, my desires, my plans for my future.  There are times where I am more excited about seeing Sam than I am about spending time with Christ.  I need to cherish my relationship with Christ to an  level beyond that of any kind of excitement I share for things on Earth.  It can be hard to be as excited for Christ because I can not touch Him, hug Him, or see Him; like I can with Sam.  But the relationship I share with Christ is so much sweeter and deeper it overcomes the physical barriers that separate us. 

So on this Sunday night, I will not allow the physical distance of Sam or Christ to dominate my mood; but rather I will be excited because of the relationships I share with both of them.  I can still relax and enjoy my evening before work, but I do not have to be subject to emotions of being separated from either; because I am never separate from Christ, and I am only temporarily separated from Sam.

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