Monday, September 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Finally--after getting everything set up, finding the cord to my camera, we have pictures of the new place!

The living room

We were able to use some furniture from Nanny's house. This lamp sits on one of her end tables that we now have.

Sam made a great spot right by the door for all my stuff to go!

I finally got the re-covered squares hung

The gold in the papers goes really well with all of the navy in the room.  We used three patterned and six solid papers.

My wonderful TV with instant netflix!

My bedroom!  I love it!


Kitchen--it is open and looks onto the living room.

We have Great Gran's china hutch and Nanny's table.  We love having pieces of our family with us in our house! Our guest bath is really large and we love the linen closet and extra space. Furthest below is our guest bedroom. 

We hope you like the new place!  We would love to have you as a guest soon! 

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  1. Hey, Lauren,

    Your apartment looks so cozy and welcoming. Nanny's table goes so well with your great-gran's hutch! Love the pix of you and Sam on the dresser in your bedroom - very nice touch. Guest room looks most inviting. I like your kitchen too cuz it's so open to the living room area and you have a breakfast bar. That bathroom shower curtain looks like a pro hung it up! Hope Sam's interview went well today - I was thinking about him all morning and sending positive vibes his way. Thanks again for letting me ride along with you and chew your ear off on the way back to Houston on Monday. Love you bunches, Me


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