Wednesday, December 1, 2010

16 days and counting!

Well, it's been awhile, yet again.  We are now only 16 days from the wedding  and then we won't be the to be Battershells, but just the Battershells! (we don't count the day of the wedding in the countdown--that would be silly!) eeeekk!  It's so close.  Everything is pretty much ready, I am just working on going over last minute schedules and packing lists.  I have been blessed with a wonderful wedding party and incredible vendors that have made this whole process pain-free.

We get the marriage license on Friday!  Yes, a day off of work!  It is inconvenient that we have to take a day off and travel to Fort Worth to get it, but we are excited about spending a day together right before the wedding.

This weekend on the schedule to do with Mom and Dad: orgainze all wedding stuff into reception and ceremony containers.  We have a wonderful reception coordinator who will decorate it for us, just as we want, we just have to deliver the items the day before the wedding to her!  I am going to go ahead and get it all separated so we aren't trying to remember everything that day.

Assemble candles.  We have 80 candles and candlholders that need to be assembled for reception.  Bring on the hot glue.

Practice dancing.  My wonderful (engineer) father took dance lessons so we can have a great first dance.  We should practice.

It's finally cold in Houston today--our high is 60 degrees!  It feels like Christmas and the wedding.  I am so excited.  If only the days would fly by faster.  Well....that's all for now.  Maybe will post some pictures tonight of the apartment--it has changed a lot since you last saw it!

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  1. Exciting!! Can't wait!! You're going to be so beautiful!!


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