Tuesday, November 22, 2011

reasons to celebrate

Hi friends.  Thanksgiving is only two days away.

and as we approach the holiday, I keep counting reasons to celebrate:

i'm going to celebrate the drive to Fort Worth with my husband.

i'm going to celebrate not pulling in my parents drive at midnight. we're going to get there in the evening this time. yes!

i'm going to celebrate days off work

i'm going to celebrate cooler weather. when we get it!

i'm going to celebrate sleeping in.

i'm going to celebrate the time with family and all the food we will eat.

there is so much.  these few days hold so much goodness, so much happiness.  I want to soak it all in and celebrate all of the moments.

speaking of goodness, you might want to know that some little shop owner went ahead and made the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY active.  for 35% off.  no long lines, no early am.  just order away.

what are you celebrating this Thanksgiving?


  1. Definitely just ordered a couple of gifts from your shop! :) Oh, and one for me of course. Thanks!

  2. Enjoy the drive to Ft. Worth and have a wonderful time with family!


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