Thursday, October 18, 2012

day 18: hopeful grace

Yes, I realize I've completely fallen off the 31 days train. But since this subject of lavish grace is so important to me, I'm still going to be writing all of the posts. They may just come late, or not it order, or whatever. There's grace for that.

side note: today marks the day I've been with my husband for 5 years. 5 YEARS!

I can remember the 6th grade awards day like it was yesterday.  I was new to my school, wanting to make a lot of friends and a good impression. I had hoped for many awards, but one stood above them all. Student of the year.  It would make me noticed among my peers, praised by my parents, and proud of myself.  I sat in my chair, hands sweaty as the school principal called names. Mine wasn't called.  My lip began to quiver, tears began to well up, and I thought my one big chance was over.

Grace isn't like that. It never leads us down a road where it disappoints us. Sure, there are times it seems dark; times where we don't see the next turn. We don't see the way out. With grace, we can be free to let our heart hope, knowing that where He leads us, there is hope.

With our family, right now, we are torn between two wonderful paths for my career. I have dreams, hopes of a PhD, but I also see myself in a life of nursing. We're hopeful for both, and we're trusting the decision to Him. Applying to both, hoping only in Him.

Because He is the only solid thing to place our hope in.  When all else fades, He will remain, and I hope that you are hoping in nothing less.

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