Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday things

Hello. I'm Lauren and this is my blog. Sorry for not writing and neglecting it. I'm working on changing that. 

 1. Thanksgiving is Thursday, yet I'm already in sit around and sleep and eat mode. 

 2. I'm going to be having a BIG SALE in the shop for black Friday. Stay tuned for that one. 

 3. I'm anxiously awaiting Friday so I can decorate for Christmas. I'm working on a few different DIY projects, which I will share later. 

 4. I ran a marathon last week, and although it was good, it was much different than I thought it would be. More on that later. It deserves a whole post. 

 5. Christmas shopping is almost done! BUT, I'll be putting together a list of my favorite things and sharing. Tomorrow. So come back for that. 

6. Community is good and hard to find. Cherish yours, whether it's your biological family, your online blogging family, a girlfriend, your book club, or your neighbors. If it's your place to love and be loved, be thankful for it.

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