Tuesday, July 24, 2012

authenticity: Austin

there are days now that make living in Houston seem like a lifetime ago.
a life filled with smiling days, golden sun and breeze.

and although the time in Austin is short, if I'm really honest it's been hard.
hard to swallow, hard to keep down and blink back the water that's ever springing from my eyes.
it's not what was expected.
it's not as easy as it was.

my heart keeps longing for what was.
hanging to any feeble thread of life as it used to be.
work as it used to be.

and yet my body is here.
in this new, foreign place.
new people, new rules.

and it makes me wonder:
is this what we wanted?  is this really what God gave?
is this really good?

and it is. my mind knows it is,
but my heart's still lingering on something else.


  1. oh sweet friend, i'm so with you. when we first moved to our new city it was rough. but looking back it was a blessing of time of growth in our marriage. i'll be praying for you!

  2. hello. just found your blog this afternoon. already loving your heart for the Lord that comes through your writing. I stopped here on this post, because I noticed "Austin" & "Houston" and that you just moved & its been hard for you. My heart is in the Austin area. I went to school at texas state & my husband & I moved from that area to east Texas nearly 2 years ago for a new position in ministry. Just want to share with you, hang in there! The transition gets better!
    If you need any help on finding fun & wonderful things to do in Austin, let me know! :)


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