Friday, July 27, 2012

little things

good morning, friends. it's 7:36 am on Friday and I slept a whopping 12 hours last night. Yes, I did fall asleep at 730 on the couch. It was probably the best decision of my whole week.

If you've been reading, you've probably noticed that the transition to Austin and this new job has been rough. Well, rough may not even cover it.  So, this week I'm linking up with Hello Hue and focusing on those little things.

If I've learned anything at this new job, it's to really cherish and hold on to those little things. I've got a new appreciation for time at home and my husband (who worked a hated job for nearly a year and a half).

so, without further ado here are my little things for the week:

mid week snow cone date was the perfect way to celebrate making it halfway though. I'm a "seasonal" person, and love summer favorites. Peaches, watermelon and snow cones are absolute musts for me in the summer.  

after reading this post by Ellen, I woke up a few minutes early and caught a sunrise on Tuesday. It was the perfect refreshing quiet before starting another day.

since I work in a basement, it was an awesome surprise to get to go work in the greenhouse on the roof of our building for a few hours yesterday. Just seeing the sun brought new life into my day.

and finally, early this week I got some super happy mail from my friend moxiemandie.  I'm loving my burlap bag--it rides the bus with me daily and holds my lunch, book, and all necessities for the day!  definitely buy a bag from her--you won't regret it!


  1. Saying "hi" from the link-up! I love all your little things. Especially getting up for a sunrise- such a great idea. Sunrises and sunsets always seem to bring peace and joy! =)

    1. When I get up for the sunrise I'm reminded I should do it more! (even if it does mean getting less sleep!)

  2. snowcones! yummm. we have a place here called pelicans and they put ice cream in the middle if you ask. i always ask. :-) i love your little things list. congrats on the new job and moving! i'm sure you are exhausted, but the reward of working a job you actually like will make this time of exhaustion worth it! i see you have an etsy store. i'll have to check it out. i just opened my own this week! thanks for stopping by my little bloggy and for the sweet comment. makes my day. :-)

    1. Sweet Carolines will do that as well--I'll have to ask.

  3. Snowcones! Hooray for little things. I'm reallllyyyy glad you got to sleep for as long as you did.

  4. Hi there Lauren! I hope you have a great weekend getting to know you new city! God has good things in store for you there! I just followed your blog and would love it if you'd follow mine too! Have a great day...


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