Monday, July 9, 2012

Goodbyes are no fun

So much has happened in just a short amount of time.
Let's hit the big stuff:

1. Sam got a job with State Farm in Austin.
2. I didn't know if I could get a job in Austin in time to move with him. Plan for me was to stay here and work at my job until I found one.
3. Two weeks later, I've got a job at UT that starts the same day as Sam's job.
4. We've got a place to live.
5. and we're even sneaking in a little vacation between jobs

and this week is our last week here in Houston.
Goodbyes have started, and it seems that I will never quit crying.
we have been so unbelievably blessed by friends.

we're sad, happy, anxious and everything inbetween.

this week is a hard one.
but it's going to be filled with soaking up our place.
and eating a lot of frozen meals.

but come Friday, we'll be loading up our truck and headed to Austin.


  1. Love that sweet quote!! I'm in your boat- getting ready to move in 2 weeks :)

  2. It's amazing to see how God orchestrated this big step in your lives! But I know what you mean about being hard to leave, even when you see the purpose in it. Prayers for strength and an easy move for you two!


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