Friday, July 20, 2012

the boxes are gone

and we are officially moved in.
It's Friday and I'm just plain done in.
It seems like months ago we were packing up and leaving Houston, and it's only been a week.
Let's just say we've crammed enough in this past week and a half to last any normal schedule at least a month.
This Friday is especially sweet, it's the end of our first (although short) week at our new jobs,
and the start of our first weekend in our new home.

We're all settled and we worked seemingly around the clock (with LOTS of help from our wonderful families) and everything's in it's place.
While my heart still resides in Houston, this new place is looking and starting to feel a lot like home.

(Our awesome master bedroom--looking good thanks to my sister in law, Kara, and her rad skills)

I'm hoping to have some sort of normal schedule soon, and a little bit of regular life happening.
But until then, I'm going to dance because all the boxes are gone and I finally have my pots in my kitchen.
have a great weekend, friends.


to celebrate the end of the boxes, I've left the coupon code MOVEIT up for 40% off in my shop!


  1. glad you got moved in safely! your bedroom looks wonderful. :) good luck with the settling in!

  2. Your room is adorable! Saying a prayer for you today!

  3. So pretty much I love your room!!! fantastic!


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