Tuesday, August 14, 2012

happiness is.

gold painted nails and toes
a 9pm run to the grocery store for ice cream.
a husband who willingly gives up the coveted best blanket
naps on the couch
rainstorms in the middle of august
a good book
dinner parties
hope of the weekend
a new menu planner
dreams of Christmas and hot chocolate
a 5th peanut butter and jelly sandwhich in 5 days

what's your happiness today?


  1. My happiness right now is:
    -quiet moments when my baby is finally fed and asleep
    -knowing she is well fed
    -the smell of raspberry cake in the oven
    -watching gilmore girls and parenthood interchangeably since the husband is out of town
    -getting some relief thanks to the beautiful pump my mom got me
    -taking a bath

    1. baths! one of my absolute favorties! and send some of that cake over here.

    2. Oh how I love Gilmore Girls!!!!! Luckily hubby watches Parenthood with me. Hmm.. now I need to go search Hulu and Netflix for a Gilmore Girl day! (:


  2. oh I love reflecting on some happiness... here we go.
    - waking up realizing you have more time to cuddle.
    - puppy kisses
    - coffee with the perfect amount of creamer
    - a fabulous hair day
    - the smell of something baking
    - beautifully colored flowers
    - discount codes online

    happy wednesday! (:

  3. speaking of rain storm on an august day - that's what we are getting now! it looks like a hurricane out there (except Im 100% sure it's not because I live in the Texas Panhandle!) I enjoy fall and everything about it...the pumpkin spice latte's, the boots, leggings, colors - bring it on! oh and can you please tell me how you got your husband to share the best blanket?? I can't get mine to hand it over. ha. jk! cute post!


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