Monday, August 13, 2012

longing for fall

while the summer air sits heavy on my chest
making it hard to breathe, hard to move
my heart is longing for fall.

living in Texas heat is our language.
hundred degree days lined up for miles

while northerners are breaking out cardigans
we're still scorched in the sun

maybe this summer I'm itching to get away
from the heat
to bring a new season
to bring new life
to bring fresh air

but these are the days we've been given.
you've been given some too.
are you wishing yours away? to something cooler,
something easier, something new?

I hope you'll join with me in enjoying the days.
even if they aren't the ones we long for.
these days are a gift we've been given.


  1. beautiful. beautiful reminders and wisdom, beautiful pictures :)

    1. Thank you--we discovered a wonderful walking trail near our house and will be visiting often!

  2. gorgeous! i love that last pic! too cute!!!!

    I know that I have been wishing my days away. We have been in Alabama for four months and I feel ready to move away already.... but I am needing to enjoy the time we have here and be in the moment. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. what a great post! I'm in the NW and we are just finally getting some 80 degree kind of opposite of you! But yes, it's good to be thankful for whatever we get :)


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