Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh hello, old friend

um. I haven't posted in nearing 3 weeks. that was an unintentional but very needed blogging break.
oops. sorry. but the thing about blogging for me, is that it's my family's story. and for now, our story was adjusting. Finding a new pattern, new sense of what's familiar.

In the meantime, here's what we've been up to:

+combining the last week of work at UT and the first two weeks of work at the new job
+ lots of running (the marathon's in 48 days. 48!)
+ an 18 mile run I wasn't quite sure I could do. Let me tell you, I was the queen of the world when I finished.
+ an hour commute each way
+life: cooking, cleaning, laundry. whey is the laundry never over?
+ speed dating church style looking for a small group. one word: ACKWARD.
+ eager anticipation of the new Mumford and Sons cd.
+ reading this book.
+ first time to the food truck park for dinner + dessert.

if you're an instagram follower (laurenbattershell), you might have noticed I've taken my time getting some new products ready. It's been very fun and very different, and they are all ready and waiting to be photographed. I've wanted to expand the shop in a completely different direction for a long time, and I've finally done it.

to celebrate that I'm back and the items are now up, use the code FRESH for 20% off all NEW turban headwraps.

1 comment:

  1. 18 miles? awesome job, girl!
    I'm working at the fort worth food truck park now and love the fun vibe. It's like a little piece of Austin here :)
    Hope that things are starting to transition more easily and that you find a small group/church very soon!


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