Friday, September 28, 2012

this week

has been a good one.
new schedules, feeling semi-normal adjusting to the new job.
cooked dinners at night, nice long runs, falling asleep reading this book.
if you haven't read it, I highly reccomend you go pick it up this weekend.
and read it all, so we can talk about it.

this weekend we're preparing to relax.
I have to work a few hours Saturday morning, but then it's sister blo out time.
I've never been to a blo dry bar--but with a groupon that made is $12 to look great and someone else doing all the work, who could resist?  any suggestions on which one to pick??
and time with a sister I've waited my whole life to have--getting sisters has been great.

I'll also be getting ready and figuring out my topic for 31 days. (linkup by the nester)
I read a lot of them last year, and since I write this blog to reflect and grow.
I've always wanted to challenge myself to write for 31 days straight on a topic, and see what comes of it.
I don't have my topic yet, but I'll spend a lot of time this weekend working it out.
I'm nervous and excited and all those emotions wrapped up in one about this 31 days thing.

and in between, I'll be soaking up all the fall I can find.
In Texas, it's a short (sometimes non-existant) season that lasts only a few days.
but I cram all the pumpkin into those days that I can find.


  1. Never heard of a blow dry bar! (but I live in a town much smaller than yours!). I would totally get the one with the braid! So trendy and chic!

  2. I read Unbroken for my book club in August. LOVED it.

  3. i'm so excited you're joining in with 31 days! i'm excited to see what your topic is!


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