Thursday, March 24, 2011

Living Quickly

Good afternoon friends =)

It's a suprisingly gorgeous day in Houston (the humidity is not quite 100%) and it's a perfect 74 degrees outside.  These days are rare, and in the coming months of dripping sweat I want to remember this one nice day. 

Life is moving quicky for us, very quickly!  Just a week ago we celebrated being married 3 months!  (That's 1/4 of a  year!!)  We have FINALLY gotten all documents changed (including the bank) and I am completely Lauren Battershell! 

Mom and Dad (Monica and Darryl) came down to visit the first weekend of spring break and we loved having them!  It was so good to see them and have them in our home.  It's very fun to host your own parents!  We enjoyed taking them to some of our favorite places, and touring them around my new lab. 
Sunday of their visit we went down to Galveston to have some great seafood!
It was a perfect getaway day trip!

We also formally joined First Baptist Church this month.  We have been blessed beyond measure to find a Bible teaching, Christ loving, active church that is near us.  We love our Bible study group of 8 newlywed couples and are really starting to make great friends.

 The church took our picture when we joined and I was really impressed!
That's a keeper picture for sure =)

My lab is completely back up and running in the new building.  It has some great new equipment and tons more capabilities for reasearch than our old building.  The move in total took 3 months!  Currently I am working on a two year project of protein purifiction that includes anion exchange.  It keeps me really busy and challenges me daily.  Our company is also processing a new reseach paper that I was a part of helping to create.  I will let you know when  you can google my name and find the paper! 

Samuel's work is also going well--he has been "out in the field" and making sales.  He enjoys getting to see his customers face to face.  AND he has found a new route home (it helps him beat some of that awful Houston traffic). 

I will leave you with this--the first picture Samuel and I ever took together..just because he is too cute.
The Battershells

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