Thursday, March 10, 2011


I go though phases.  I like something (such as pb & j sandwhiches) for a while...and then one day it's over.  I don't like it anymore.  This happened this week with pb & j.  I have eaten one every day for lunch since we got married (only missing a few).  Some nights I would have one at 10pm after having one for lunch that day. 

But it's over.  We've broken up--pb & j and me.  Sam finds this soon as he gets ready to surprise me with something he has to worry I might not like it anymore (such as pbj).  It's not that I won't like pbj ever again--give me 3-4 months, and I might be back in a pbj phase. 

I run.  I am a runner.  I recenly finished the cowtown.  (See blog post here below). Now I am ready for something else.  I will run casually still...but no more 12 mile runs for me (for the moment.)  I'm onto something else...

Yep, yoga.  My Mom has done yoga for a while now.  (She even has a cool mat.)  If we are being honest here, I used to think yoga was kind of "sissy".  I just didn't understand how you could get that good of a workout doing yoga...I mean, really. 

I was wrong. Yes, very very wrong.  (Sorry Mom). Yoga is cool.  Yoga is hard.  Yoga makes my arms shake and all the other classmates laugh because the runner can't do yoga.  But I like it...and I'll go back.  While I can't do this quite yet:
I am hoping maybe yoga will be more than just a "phase."  Sam even wants to try a class with me! 

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