Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Update

Now that I believe we have all seemed to get over the trauma that was changing the blog's domain name, we can resume "normal" life. 

This weekend was a restful one for Samuel and me.  We didn't go out of town.  We didn't have a million things to do.  We didn't set an alarm for Saturday morning.  We just had a weekend.  It was the best idea ever.

We enjoyed dinner Friday night for a friend's birthday, sleeping in on Saturday morning (until 9AM!!!!), lots of coffee, some shopping where this item:

magically turned into this item:
no, not the man.  Just some shorts for Sam.  And some new work clothes.  He decided the grill can wait--he will stick with his charcoal one for now. 

Then add in some time at the pool (husband was lame and stayed at apartment and played ncaa...but I had a GREAT time, even if it was all by myself), and a Saturday night game night with friends and good pizza. 

And then there is still Sunday...and this week it actually was a day of REST!  We lounged, I drug Sam to the grocery store.  We even got naps.  Sunday naps. 

All in all, it was a great weekend.  If only we could have had Monday off....

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