Friday, March 25, 2011

Promises Fulfilled!

So...way way back when I promised you I would work on changing our domain name (from the to-bebattershells) because we are now the Battershells and that just doesn't apply anymore! 

Well, you can all let you a big Halelujah because I FINALLY figured it out!  (I know it was bothering you as much as me to have a domain name not fully showing off my new last name!!).  I am a slow learner at this blogging thing...but slowly and surely I will get there.  Just have some patience with me!

SO, since you have found us you must now realize that we are
Horray!  Yes, I really am Lauren Battershell (so so cool)! and I will show it off as often and whenever I can!

In other news, It's FRIDAY! Samuel wants a new grill, so this weekend we are grill shopping.  I earned "wife points" when discussing grills last night because I was up for a grill with larger surface area since this grill will be used (eventually) for tailgating. 

This is how it went (for your amuesment)
Sam is in living room playing NCAA; I am lying on bed reading a book.  The TV is on mute.

Sam:  Hey babe I was looking a grills and there is one with double the surface area for only $40 more. What do you think?

Lauren: Well since you are wanting to use this grill for tailgating later I think the bigger one is a much better idea; and the price isn't really that different for such a bigger grill.  We will go on Saturday.

Sam: You are the best wife ever.  I might cry. 

Me:  Smiling.

This is the grill:  We can also get a stand for it when it's just set up at our place, but you can take it off the stand and it becomes portable.  How cool is that!?!?!

Enjoy your weekend with nice weather! (Before it's so hot all we can do is sit indoors!)

The Battershells


  1. I love your blog and your picture at the top. I know you probably don't want an "old lady mom type" following you, but I just had to say hi! :-)

    (Mocha with Linda is my blog name. I'm Linda of Dave & Linda)

  2. Linda--
    The blog is for everyone! Since we and our family and friends are now so spread all over the state, we needed a way to keep everyone informed (everyone who cares, that is) of our daily lives! So glad you are enjoying the blog.


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