Wednesday, October 12, 2011

anniversary plans

our anniversary is just around the corner.
well, it's in december.
but with every weekend from now until new years booked, we have to start thinking about it.
and the fact that hotels are booked now.  we should probably get on that.

so I spend a good portion of my day dreaming of what we should do/where we should go.
groupon getaways can be really addicting. 
maybe a cruise? I've never been on one and have always wanted to! We are only an hour from Galveston and it would be great forced relaxation!

maybe we go back to Austin where we met and went to school? I would love to go to the restaurant where we ate before getting engaged.

and then there's groupon getaways to great places like Cabo and Mexico.
Not happening, but oh so fun to look.

where did you go for an anniversary that you loved?
any suggestions? (we are open to all of these + more!)

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  1. I am pretty partial to cruises! I've been on 4 and loved them all! Sadly, our last 2 big vacations have been cruises, so my hubby said we have to do other stuff for a few years! Sad day! I just love relaxing with the swaying boat and eating yummy food!

  2. Ryan & I went on a cruise to Alaska this summer. It was a lot of fun! I think you & Sam would really enjoy one. They said that cruises leaving out of the Gulf had less motion than the one we were on. It was beautiful & really relaxing. You should check into one in like early January! They are usually relatively cheaper than other cruises. We took Royal Caribbean. Let me know what you guys decide to do!! :)

  3. Jarrod and I are going on a cruise in December. A friend invited us for her 30th birthday, but we are also saying it is an anniversary celebration as well. Our anniversary is in January, and we will be gone for a wedding that weekend, so the celebrating has to start earlier! It will be my first one, so hopefully I don't get sick!!

  4. Cruises are so fun! I used to live only about 2 hours away from Galveston but now we are more like 6 hours away.

    My hubby and I celebrated our first anniversary in August but at that time things were super busy with work, so our belated anniversary trip is in November and we are going to Las Vegas! So excited!

  5. Oooh also, check out That's where we booked our Vegas trip and we got a great deal! But they have awesome deals to other places like Cabo and Jamaica, etc!

  6. We've been to Vegas & the beach for our anniversaries. Both are great. We went on a cruise a couple of years ago & have another planned for Feb. We live in Baton Rouge so we're only an hour from New Orleans. The cruise was sooooo great!! Most relaxing vacay ever! My husband even said so & he didn't want to go on one. He's hooked now.

  7. A cruise is definitely the great way to go! It's actually one of the cheapest vacations available, and I LOVE that it is all inclusive. The food is great and there are so many different options for entertainment! I think it would be worth looking into! We are actually thinking about going on to celebrate our three year in May... and ask some friends to tag along! :)


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