Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wednesday blessings

happy wednesday friends.
this week is so packed for me, it feels like it should be friday.
speaking of friday, I am taking the day off to fill heartsy orders.
if you are waiting on one, please know that I am doing absolutely everything I can to get them out in a week. 

and if you got yourself a heartsy voucher, thank you.
I am utterly amazed and blessed at all of you.
all of you who have kind words
all of you who have purchased a voucher
all of you who have purchased an item at any point
and all of you who have helped in getting the word out.

i'm blessed, and grateful to all of you.

today in Houston it is 60 degrees.
in the daytime
which means it's fall
it will last for about 1.5 weeks
and then we will have winter.
so this week's lovelies are all inspired by my winter-ishmood
and the "freezing" temps of 60
(I'm a Texan, I know)
and for the record, I DO believe in celebrating one holiday at a time, (not skipping fall/Thanksgiving for Christmas), but I couldn't resist today. so there.

now just to find some pine cones.
 i'm thinking an outdoorsy, blankety picture for Christmas cards.
white lights are the way to my heart.

I love matching wrapping. and fun with ribbon? count me in.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so OCD about wrapping paper!! Every year all of our gifts are wrapped in two kinds of paper. And they always compliment each other. I'ma freak!

  2. It was 46 degrees this morning in Baton Rouge when I went for my run. That's plenty cold for me!! The pics are sooo pretty! I love the one of the packages all wrapped up. It gets me in the Christmas spirit.

  3. I love that picture with the blanket! It would be great for Christmas cards! I can't wait for it to get here!

    And that is a great craft to make with the pine cones, so cute and wintery!

    Hope you have a great day!


  4. I definitely love to celebrate every holiday... But, the Christmas stuff comes out in early November. :)

  5. Glad your Etsy store is doing so well! I love my necklace!

    Great inspiration- definitely looking forward to winter and holidays :)

  6. that pine cone ball is gorgeous

  7. Sweet pine cone ball. Love that idea! And white lights are also the way to my heart. Wouldn't seem like Christmas without them.


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