Friday, October 14, 2011

little things #3

our week this week has been full of many highs and lows.  lots of lows.  we are attending the funeral for Sam's boss tomorrow.  It is still eerie and haunting. but, in the midst of this crazy week, we have had countless blessings.

....Friday off!  Samuel and I both took today off as a "mental health" day/ we need a break from all the craziness for some time together.  We are probably still sleeping as you read this. and it rocks.

....Soup.  It's now chilly in Texas.   Well, it's like 80 degrees. so it's chilly.  While we are home all day today I plan on making this soup from my friend Jessi.  I am pumped about all the ginger, carrot, pumpkin-y goodness.

...such encouragement and support from you guys. one of my favorite things about  blogging is real women encouraging and loving on one another. I definitely felt the love and support this week.

...the thrifty seeker deal that went on all this week was a blessing. I am glad so many of you took advantage of it!  if you missed out, we've got some big news coming up on Monday that you won't want to miss.  think BIG.

....reading. I'm in the middle of The Help, and loving it so much.  i picture lots of reading this weekend.

This is what our weekend plans look like:

lots of reading

lots of cuddling and kissing.
(and no, we are not old; but I love this picture because I want to be doing this when we're 70)

lots of slowing down


  1. I hope you have a wonderful refreshing, uplifting weekend!

  2. I hate to hear about your loss but hope that you enjoy your weekend together and get refreshed. Sometimes we have to just stop and do nothing, rest, and relax with each other to keep up!

  3. sounds lke you are going to have a great weekend. i love ALL of your pictures, especially the flowers and the old couple :) and i want to visit texas one day by the way!

  4. Love your blog!! I'm your newest follower. :)

  5. so sorry for your loss :(

    your weekend apart from the funeral sounds absolutely refreshing. i am craving a weekend like that and it just hasn't happened!!

    ps that picture of the elderly couple is so sweet. thanks for sharing!


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