Friday, June 29, 2012

big news

there are times in my life when God's movement seems so clear.
at every turn there is evidence of His hand moving--in ways I never thought possible.

This season is one of those for us.
He's moving.
Sam has landed his dream career; we're moving closer to our family.
and in the midst of all the crazy, and not knowing what city I will live in,

I have a job. I have a job.  Only a handful of applications sent out, but after just a few days, I got an email to interview.
and then then interview two days later.
On the Friday we would (already) be in Austin for Sam's grandmom's funeral.

After being recognized by a professor after taking his class 3 1/2 years ago,
repeating a conversation with my boss as my very first answer to a question (PCR troubleshooting for you science geeks).
It became evident that all that was going on was a bit of divine intervention.
and Sam and I saw all that was moving around us, stunned and astounded by the God who cares enough to orchestrate it all.

As of July 19th, I am employed by none other than the University of Texas!
I'm thrilled to be able to work in their labs, and do a bit of switching from cancer to genetics.

More news:

We have a place to live! Lots of phone calls, pictures, and some help from my amazing in laws--and we've got an apartment!

Apartment to apartment is much preferred to having to put all of our stuff in storage for a time!

And EVEN MORE news:

With all the boxes, moving, patching, and painting going on in our current place, it's a bit of chaos.
My etsy shop will VERY soon go on vacation until we are settled in our new place, so THIS WEEKEND ONLY it will be open (Until Sunday)

Use the code MOVEIT for 40% off. 

I'll open again as soon as we're settled and unpacked--but it may be August before that happens, so if you've been eying something take this advantage to get it (and cheap!)


  1. Congratulations on your new job! Hurray! :)

  2. Congrats!!! Such awesome news!!! I hope you find some time to celebrate!!

  3. How amazing to see God provide in such huge ways! Are you excited to be back to Austin??

  4. I love God stories!! SO amazing girl :)


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