Monday, June 25, 2012

we've begun

with under 3 weeks until moving day, it's time.

slowly going through the house and getting rid of everything we don't use was yesterday's goal.
and then pictures started to come off of the walls.
Spackle went up, and the tears started to flow.

in the two years we've lived here,
we've gotten married and made some great memories.
great friends, great experiences.
and yet, it's time to pack.

so as all of our stuff goes into boxes,
we're trusting that the same will be true for our next home.
knowing that He is able to do and provide more than we can imagine.

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  1. Good luck! I posted yesterday about this. We just sold our house (Close today) of 8 years. I've cried and cried. It's hard...but just remember, you're memories you can always take with you!!! Hope you get some rest in these next few weeks. We're finally settled in our new (temporary) place. Whew.


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