Friday, February 1, 2013

a little wishing

because, you know, my birthday is now in the countable days range.

9 Tiny brass arrow earrings

What's a birthday without a little wishing? But lets be honest, the boots are WAY WAY out of our price range, and I'm really just hoping for the bedding.

what's on your current wishlist?


  1. Love choice number 3! I just became a Stella and Dot stylist this week. I am hoping to come to Austin and do a trunk show for Kara and Aunt Pima and would love for you and your friends to attend. If you need to place an order just let me know. Happy early birthday.

  2. An immersion blender is on my wish list too! And maybe some new jewelry. My bday is in February too, but it's right after Valentine's Day so people end up buying me 50% off chocolates instead of real presents. :( Hope you have a fun birthday!


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