Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Morning lovelies

Happy Friday Friends!

I have quite a few shop updates for you, but it could result in some mega discounts or winning a giveaway, so listen up!

1. I have submitted my work to Heartsy, a kind of groupon for Etsy. It could result in some MEGA DISCOUNTS for you.  I need votes to make it through the first round of the selection process.  Would you vote for me? 

2. Have you entered the Bloom giveaway?  My sweet friend Nicole is hosting it and you should absolutely go and enter.

3. As we enter fall, some of the shop items are going on sale.  When I'm out of fabric for them, they're gone!  Go get them while they are hot! Visit Seek First etsy shop.


A comment, A comment! Oh how I love your thoughts. Thank you in advance, I can't wait to read your message.

I also want to thank you for your visit whether it be your first, second, tenth, or hundredth. I truly appreciate you friend!