Friday, September 30, 2011

little things #1

it's friday!!!!! it's time for the weekend and all the fun that comes with it.
every Friday I want to share with you "little things"
little blessings, little joys that make my heart rejoice.
i'll admit, there are some days where the blog takes on heavier stuff.

in the midst of looking for jobs, of hurting, of grieving, of whatever is your story
there are little things, little gifts to recieve and give thanks for.
and the giver of the "little things" makes them not so little.
makes the little HOLY things.
and I will rejoice in them.

here are my little things.

1. My brother and his girlfriend, Rachel, are coming to stay with us this weekend. We are SO pumped to have them. and how cute is Forrest?
2. I love the bloggers I follow and have gotten to know.  Jessi is such a sweet woman who radiates Christ in her blog and her etsy prints. I just ordered this one this morning and I am pumped to get it:
AND this weekend you can use the code JUSTBECAUSE in her shop and get 30% off. Do it. I did.

3.  Our chevron rug has a home now..we have placed it and I love it more and more each day.  All that work (and soreness!) was so worth it!

4.  Goodies: Since we have company, I am making this bread this weekend (well, trying to at least).
Last night Sam told me "Lauren, it's not fall here. It may be fall everywhere else, but it's not fall here"
I'm sticking it to this weather and pretending anyway.

5. Coupon code: who doesn't like a good deal on their weekend shopping???  Don't forget to use the code GIVEAWAY for 20% off when you do  your weekend shopping.
Have a happy weekend.

What are your little things this week?


  1. Popped over from the LIttle Things link-up... That bread looks absolutely amazing! Yum! I think I have a recipe for a similar bread on Pinterest that I will need to try out very soon.

    Hope you have a great time with your brother and his girlfriend!

  2. That bread looks delicious. I love the Chevron rug btw, and it looks great at the foot of your bed.

  3. Love the rug! It looks great in that room.

  4. LOVE that print! I am going to check out her etsy site!

  5. Popping in from the link up! First tim on your blog and sure not to be my last! I definitely ordered my prints! Thanks for sharing the code. I had been loving the kitchen series and even added it to my Christmas treaury for my Hubs to get for me. I jumped the gun!

    That bread looks absolutely delicious! Living in SoCal, I say forget that it doesn't feel like Autumn! I have my apple cider scentsy going and pretend just the same!

    I hope you enjoy your brothers visit!

  6. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead! Your rug looks awesome :) And that bread looks like it is to die for! Have a good weekend!

  7. Oh dear lord... that bread... the bedroom set up is cute, but come on people, that bread!!!

  8. Hopped over from Aisle to Aloha, and loved your blog! That carpet looks awesome!! And that yummy treat looks so good! Have fun with your bro this weekend - family time is the best. :)

    Happy Weekend!

    JB @

  9. oooh i love that rug! and that sign ... one of my favorite verses. hope you haev a great time with your brother visiting.

    please stop on by:


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