Thursday, September 15, 2011

this season

the weather is changing.
well, sort of.  it's Houston. it's still hot.
but sometimes in the mornings it's a little bit cooler.
the promise of fall is there.

and maybe it's just me, but the changing of the seasons gets me all weepy with the changes of our lives.
this fall I started going back to school.
and it will be a three year journey of our lives.
a year of pre-reqs, and two years of nursing school.
a change to our lives; for the better.

for the first 8 months of our marriage, we both just worked.
just work, and home. work and home.

and now there's school.
and everything is changing just a bit.
i'm gone two nights of the week for now.
and studying on the weekends.
small changes now, more to come.
and in the spring it will be two classes.
and then nursing school starts next fall.

and i get all weepy thinking about those first 8 months
they were/are a huge blessing.
a time the Lord gave us to just be.

but I know the Lord has given this season as well.
and while I'm nervous about balancing it all.
and wondering how much I can work.
or if I will work during nursing school.

but as the seasons change,
I'm embracing this change as well.
excited for the season to come.

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