Wednesday, January 4, 2012

two things, as a list


the shop is back open! after a VERY long break and some great rest, I'm so happy to be back in business.
and new things are being made and coming soon! 


I leave for Disney World in 2 days! 2 days! I'm running the Disney marathon, and I'm so pumped.
and I need help.
My running playlist kind of sucks.
and I'm going to want some good stuff.
and I'm in desperate need of some new music.


What do you run to? 
(and yes, I know that I wrote this post a long time ago about not running with music. things change).

and, while I'm away running till my toes bleed, use the coupon code RUNDISNEY for 20% off! 


  1. Oh goodness, I'm jealous! I'm going to Disney in February {hopefully} but not running. It's a goal to run the Minnie Marathon next year!

    When I work out, I love Journey, Balkan Beat Box, any kind of old timey Rock and Roll and a bunch of random singles that I have personally fallen in love with.

  2. Lauren,

    First... I want to go to Disney World... Sam, Kara, and myself have never been...

    Second, as you know I choose not to run, but I would think some Darren King drums (MuteMath) is what you need on that mix. Sam should be able to help you out... Also you should check out The 71s Rock and Roll Reaction 2. Also very solid drums...

    Have fun at the race!

  3. You should definitely add some Disney tunes...although I'm not sure what would be fast enough- I'm thinking Can You Feel the Love Tonight is probably not going to get you pumped up. :) Other than that, I don't run, so I'm not much help! Have so much fun!!

  4. I run to Adele and Coldplay... that might not be what you
    re looking for though.

  5. How awesome! Have fun at your marathon!


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