Friday, January 20, 2012

why I love(d) the truck.

I drove my husband's 1995 Chevy 1500.
for a year and a month.
Samuel drives an hour(ish) to work each way, so he takes our little Civic.
it was old, and had character.
like a big ol' dent in the side character.

We kept it--no payments, just expensive gas.
think 10 mpg.
and I'll be honest. most days I hated it.
sometimes I complained about it.
and then I'd feel so convicted and guilty about my ungrateful heart.

But really, it was wonderful.
it ran, it rarely had issues, and it got me my 3.4 miles to work each day.

The time came for the truck to go.
And Tuesday evening we bought our new cute Versa.
but the Versa is really only here because of the truck.
The truck gave us a year to save, a year to prepare.

the versa is cute and small and wonderful
but the truck was such a picture of provision

that's my story, and it's true.


  1. We are car shopping this weekend and I am so excited/nervous. Any tips on how to negotiate well?

  2. hehe i love this. my husband and i are a 1 car family. we drive a 1987 Volvo Station Wagon. haha. its ours though. its not the prettiest thing in the world.. and i look like an old lady driving it but God has provided it for us! :) its a good reminder!


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