Monday, January 2, 2012

dreaming big for 2012

So I was sort of back last week.
but not really.
the vacation continued.

now, it's 2012.
I'm a big goal setter.
and for most of my life, I have dreamed, set goals, and accomplished them.
and foolishly believed I was doing it on my own.

my prayer for this year is that I would grow in obedience to Christ.
that these goals would only be met if they are in the will of the Almighty.

that my goals are set because of the Creator I know.
and my eyes are to praise and thank Him.
not for comparing.
not for jealously.
but for looking at the good He has given and to praise.

so, with allllll of that. I've set goals. and these are just a few:
  • Increase our tithe amount. We know He is faithful to provide, and we want to give beyond what we are now. 
  • For me, a hard area can be easy Starbucks/Target trips. It's not much. Just picking up a few things we "need." Can we do without? Do we need them?  Don't hear me wrong, this isn't necessary food for our family. It's nailpolish, tights, $4 coffee. They aren't needs. So we don't need to buy them. 

  • In school, I am continuing pre recs for nursing school. Praying the Lord would provide acceptance somewhere when we start applying.  
  • When we do start applying, we're looking into a few different options (Nursing, Phd, etc) and praying the Lord would provide acceptance where He knows best. My goal is to be diligent in my classes and applications. 
  •  In the middle of 2011, I started a Bible in a year plan. And somewhere around Thanksgiving I completely got off track. I am clinging to grace and getting back on it. I want to be faithful to finish and complete reading the Bible in 2012.
  • You're all aware of the book 1000 Gifts and the many times I've blogged about it. I want to continue to let the Lord work that book in me. I am going to count and see the gifts to 1,000, and then after that, until the end of my days. 

  •  I've been heavily convicted recently to be KIND. Sounds so easy and simple. and maybe even silly. But a big goal for 2012 is to be genuinely kind. 
  • I'd like to run a Marathon in the fall of this year. (and speaking of, my half marathon is this SATURDAY.) I want to continue running, becoming healthier, eating better. I work better with a race to look forward to. and why not push the distance to twice what it is now?

  • For our marriage, I desire our hearts to be so united, so connected, that I am able to share each of Sam's burdens fully. That his concerns and needs would truley become greater than mine.   I want to delve deeper into the mystery of Oneness that God has promised.

Do I still have anyone's attention? Anyone make it this far. Congrats.
Those are not all of the goals, but a good bit.
In all of the goals, there is grace. Grace for the hard days, grace for changed goals. 
but we're trusting and praying through these and expecting big things in 2012
Do you set goals? What is one of your goals for this year?


  1. Those are some great goals. I can understand your desire to be genuinely kind. There's such a big difference between being nice or kind because you "should" and because you want to, and it's who you are.

    I'm going to be asking God to help me strengthen my faith, and also to become more patient. I have very little patience. And also, inspired by a short story I read, I would truly like to come to a place where I can love people. Where I can look at people and view them in the way God views them. As his children.

  2. Amazing goals! I hope your 2012 is absolutely wonderful. :)

  3. I just blogged my goals this morning! Yours are lovely, truly. I think they hold such beauty and definitely resonate with me! All the best to you in 2012 :)

  4. These are great goals!!! truly inspiring! My goals are to get closer to the Lord then before. My heart yearns for more of Him. To be love everywhere i go and represent Christ's love to the best that i can. And.. being a new wife... to continue to become one flesh with my new husband. :) thanks for writing!

  5. these are amazing and inspiring goals. i am glad i stopped by your blog to read this post. . . thank you for sharing :) happy new year!


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