Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the anti-valentines

I love valentines day.
I really do.
It's the day after my birthday, a day of love, full of chocolate and sweets and kisses.
What's not to love?

Yesterday was the WORST and best Valentines day.
Expectations were high. It was SUPPOSED to be an easy day at work.
I had a great lamb chop recipe for a romatic night in with my man.

VALENTINES DAY - valentines

I had a crappy day at work.
Getting yelled at for helping others.
Pulling the weight of 4 people who don't actually work.
And then getting in trouble for it.

I ugly cried for the last 30 minutes. UGLY. In my office, with the door shut.
and people outside could still hear me.
U-G-L-Y, people.
I didn't want to go home and cook for an hour.
But I wanted that romantic night with my mr.


So I called Sam from the parking lot of Kroger in a big hysteriacal mess and he said the most romantic words to me:
"Let's just get a frozen pizza and get in our pajamas when we get home"
yes friends, those were the most romantic words I could have hoped to hear.

and then I reazlied I couldn't go buy the pizza because I had lost my wallet.
more ugly crying, in the Kroger parking lot.
back to the office to look for the wallet.

no wallet, finally home, reaady to collape I check the mail.
Jury duty.
more tears.

and then my mr. comes home with a pizza, cookies, wine, roses and a card.
multiple episodes of the office were watched.
and he was asleep by 9pm.

it was just what I needed.


  1. Oh, Lauren! I'm so sorry that you had such a rough day. I'm glad Sam was there to brighten your evening. That's a real celebration of love.

  2. Now that is a super valentine guy you have. Being able to just vent and have someone listen is the best. Hope you're feeling better today. least jury duty you don't have to go in to work and they have to pay you anyway.

  3. Oh no! I hope your week gets better!

  4. I have spent so many "important" days ugly crying, it just happens sometimes. I'm sorry your valenday wasn't all you hoped it would be, but I'm glad you have a great husband

  5. Sometimes a lazy night in is just what is needed. Glad we have Godly men to comfort us :)

  6. I have had those days (albeit, not on V-day) but it is such a blessing when those great guys in our lives know just what to do to make it better.

  7. I'm sorry you had such a terrible day, but it sounds like you have a great man who salvaged the night. Love it a wonderful thing!


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