Thursday, February 9, 2012

since my birthday's on Monday

I thought I would compile a nice long picture list of all the things on my wish list.
but let's take a reality check for a second.
my husband bought me a car.
this is just for fun.

but let's enjoy it.
anything on your birthday wishlist this year?

i love these toms
toms new ballet flats.
goes well with my new wardrobe re-vamp.

Hunger Games inspired nail polish.
hunger games inspired nail polish?
YES. any color will do.

birthday tattoo. non-traditional birthday gift
but I've been wanting an anchor on my achilles part of my heel foreva.

 wire and ranunculus
flowers. just flowers.
some pretty ranaculas would make a birthday.

I like these bangs. Maybe my next cut.

birthday haircut.
really debating this one. could I pull off those bangs???

maddynbella bracelet!
I had a gold bracelet once.
I wore it so much that it broke.
this is the perfect replacement from MaddyNBella

or really just anything from anthropologie.
anything. like this tea towel.


  1. Great wishlist. I love the untraditional items. Tattoos! I have yet to get one. Happy Birthday.. early?



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