Tuesday, February 7, 2012

putting me together

Sunday morning I ugly cried.
over an outfit.
trying to get ready for church, trying to put something new together
and it just wasn't working

getting dressed, for me, is a battle.
I have a few things that I go to most of the time.
and the rest of my closet never gets worn.

I want to look cute, look put together, look pretty.
my husband is an amazing dresser. really.
a twin sister and a lot of time looking through JCrew magazines
have given him a great eye for style


but me, 
I'm the nerdy, geeky girl who never really cared for fashion.

now, don't hear this as "I only care about outer beauty"
that's a far cry from the truth.
I don't want to blow our budget on clothes, 
and I care more about the state of my heart than the state of my wardrobe

but I want to use the clothes I have
and the money we set aside for clothes
to create a wardrobe where I can get dressed and feel confident.
without crying.

my husband, in all of his wisdom, has turned all of my hangers around in my closet
and when I wear items, we turn the hanger back the "normal" way.
it's giving me an idea of those things I always go to,
and helping me get out of that rut.