Monday, April 30, 2012

25 by 25

I turned 23 back in February. and I meant to do a 25 by 25 list.
so I'm doing it now.
better late than never, right?

1. Run a marathon each year

2. Read a book a month
I'm a big reader, but sometimes other stuff gets in the way. 
I want to get back to going through books.

3. Get a tattoo.
I have one I've always wanted to get.

4. Get in to school.
Whether it's nursing school, grad school for a PhD or PA school;
I want to get in and know what my career will be.

5. Become a more intentional wife
I want to make sure I'm continually praying, supporting, and honoring my husband in all moments.

6. Become more patient.
These last two are more life goals, but I would love to improve on them now

7. Challenge myself in cooking
I cook most nights, but I would love to become more skilled!

8. Become involved in a ministry
We're gone to an orientation for  the Homebound careteam at our church, 
and are just waiting on our assignments!

9. Get to my ideal weight.

10. 2 date nights a month with Sam
Um-it's important. 

11.  Travel out of the country

12. Go camping in a tent.
I've seriously never camped in a tent, with a fire, and all that jazz.

13.  Take at least 2 weekends away with Sam
Retreats, short vacations, just time away

14. Learn how to use my camera.
I've started messing with the settings and read a couple of tutorials,
but I want to know how to use it well!

15. Finish reading the whole Bible
I'm halfway now! 

16. Clean up our eating
We've cut desserts for this month.
But I want to cut the processed junk and eat real food. 

17. Journal/write consistently
I think it's important to see where the Lord has brought us.
Journaling and writing is the best way for me to see that.

18. Having people over for dinner at least once a month
We have great friends, and want to cultivate our friendships

19. Stop drinking coffee after noon.
I need more water.

20. Rise with 30 extra minutes to prepare my heart and home.
Um, I'm not a morning person. But that time in the morning is so important.

21. Consistently give Sam guy time.

22.  Send cards.
Email and phone calls are quick, but there is such power in a handwritten note.

23. Eat Breakfast
I rarely eat breakfast, and I know how bad that is for you.

24. Take lots of pictures.
Walks, dinners, just us in our apartment.
Someday I'll want to show them to kids.

25.  Take more risks outside of my comfort zone.

That's it!
Do-able in a year and a half? I think so
I tried to include many tangible things--not too many sweeping generalities.

What about you? Do you have a list?


  1. A lot of these are things I'd really like to do, too! Sounds like a great set of goals. :)

  2. Great list! You can do it! 19 would be hard for me! But I'm working on 7 and 16 now- would love to hear what helps you.

    1. Girl! You cook WAY better than I do!

      As far as cleaning up our eating, I'm trying to just shop the edges of the grocery store--I've heard that's better. Produce, meat, and dairy. There are still some items I go "inside" for, like pasta, spices, and rice, but for the most part, I'm staying to the edges!

  3. You have a great list! I have a 101 in 1001 list, but 101 things is A LOT. I'm thinking about doing something like a 25 before 25.. I think I can handle 25 things!


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