Thursday, April 26, 2012

may food challenge

i like dessert.
cookies, ice cream, chocolate.
i'll indulge in it all. way too often.
like i'll probably have one of those every night.

and i know that part of my diet has got to change.
we're not vegan, vegetarian, or any of that.
and we might reach that point one day, but for now, it's baby steps toward healthier eating

so, for the month of may, I'm making some changes.
I know they might seem small (and most of you probably have got this under control)
but for Sam and I, we want to live, long, happy, healthy lives, and so I've got to take inventory of what we're eating.
ANDDDD I've always heard that weight loss/health is 80% nutrition and 20% excercise. we're pretty good about the excersie, but I know our nutrition could use some work.

so, without anymore rambling introducing:

Now, these rules mostly revolve around dessert, but I will be attempting to make changes around the rest of our eating. like, all this week our meals have come from Skinny Taste, an absolutely wonderful website that has all sorts of mouth watering recipies done in a healthy way!

I would love your input.  do you struggle with diet? do you have favorite healthy recipes? share! favorite websites? I want to know!
and the biggest question of all:  what are your favorite "healthy" desserts?


  1. Cookies, chocolate or ice cream only once a night? I eat each of those multiple times a day! Haha. Good for you for wanting to change your lifestyle. I'd say that it's helpful that your list of "no's" is only for May, or else it might be hard to sustain! Slight moderation is better than cutting it out completely over the long-haul, because completely cutting it out is overwhelming and you've gotta give yourself a break once in a while lest you go overboard and binge. Good luck this coming month on weaning yourself off sweets! As for me, I LOVE fruit. Or Healthy Choice fudge bars. And chocolate Jello Pudding snacks. :)

    1. I don't think I could cut these altoegher--and May seems like a long time! I just want to cut for now and then find a better balance.

      Fruit is going to be my go-to for dessert!

  2. As I read your list I kept thinking "what the heck will they eat???" Haha! Good for you, girl! I need to make a few healthy changes myself!

    1. I'm working on figuring out what we will eat! Posting soon on that!

  3. You definitely aren't the only one that struggles with this.
    I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted to and be okay when it came to my body. Now, not that it was exactly healthy BUT I didn't gain weight.
    However, pregnancy changed things completely! I weighed 110 at my first appointment during my last pregnancy and ended up being 165 at the end. Horrible. Really, really horrible. I'm pregnant right now and hoping and praying that it isn't like that this time. Half way there and doing okay, but I should probably join you on this challenge!

    Good luck!

    1. I'd love to have you, but as a pregnant women, I think you should get to feed your cravings!

  4. I don't think I could ever give up chocolate! But kudos to you. I'll be your cheerleader. :)

  5. i love taking a little bit of chocolate chips & butterscotch chips and melting them then dipping fruit into it. also, myfitnesspal is a great tool for keeping on track with your diet --- you can add friends (i'm laswarbrick)! good luck :)

    1. That sounds amazing! But with no chocolate, not sure how I would do that! I added you as a friend--I need people to keep me accountable!


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