Monday, April 16, 2012

our first "garden"

living in an apartment makes some things hard
no pets.
no yard.
small space

but we wanted plants, a garden for so long, we decided to make something happen.
and with the help of a lot of pinterest ideas,
we set out to create a garden of succulents.

We went by Houston Garden Centers, and picked up our favorites. 
At 4/$12, it was cheaper than expected, and we got  some fun plants.

A few terra cotta plants from Home Depot, 
and about an hour of deciding which pants go into which pots. and viola.
we have potted succulents.

The shelf above our couch used to be a hodge podge of stuff.
now, it holds our garden.

and with that, we made our garden.
easy, quick, and they don't need a lot of watering.


  1. Aw, these are so pretty! I'm not great at keeping plants alive, but we have a few around our place that seem to be doing okay. :) I love the succulents on the self like that!

    1. Exactly the reason I picked succulents--they are very resilient!

  2. I want to plant some succulents! They are so cute...and low maintenance is just what I need!

    1. Yes yes! I kill most plants, so succulents are perfect!

  3. so cool! I've been wanting to plant a little herb garden!

    1. I planted some basil as well a few days ago--we'll see!

  4. I just love your little garden!! :) Succulents are my FAVORITE right now!


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