Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about passion lately--and how most of the time, I'm lacking.

I'd rather take the easier way. The less "messy" way. The quieter way.  But the Lord, in His knowledge, made Sam a man full of passion. And if I'm honest, most of the time, I just want him to "be quiet", to "calm down".  I don't embrace his passion, but run from it.

I'm finding that for me, there's always an excuse getting in the way of passion. Either temporary or permanent, it's real to my mind--and I think there is something for all of us.  For me, the future and the unknowing of school is paralyzing to passion. PhD, nursing, Physician Assistant, the options are so many, and all sound good. I don't have a real passion about any. Any could be good for my life.

Once school is over, though, and I know my career, I'll do it. I'll really commit to passion.
But maybe what we (I) need is to become hyperaware of our season--this time that is so fleeting--where we are, and what's stopping us from passion now. Maybe there are things we can do to learn to live in passion here--having small weekly goals, talking about those options, reading affirmative verses and seeking the wisdom of the Lord. 

Tell me - is there anything standing in your way? Anything holding you back from pursuing your passion? Leave it in the comments, anonymous if you want.


  1. passion is so amazing to have, but so hard to fake. good luck finding yours *and good luck finishing school!!)

  2. I like how God uses the journey of finding and using your passion for His glory. He created our personalities and our passion and even the work He wanted us to do. For a Christian, walking in the God-given passion of your life brings Him glory and spills His love on other people.
    Olivia Tucker


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