Thursday, May 10, 2012

giving up on good

there are a lot of good things you can do it in life
bible studies, volunteering, and extracurriculars top the list.
and those are just the "good" that others see.
then there's the good inside your own house.
laundry, cleaning, the day to day upkeep. it's good.
but there are things that are better.

and recently I've learned that I have to give up a lot of good
for things that are better.
because I don't do it all.
and there's no substitute for getting around margin in life.

real life not done laundry.

I'm a wife to a husband
I work a 40 hour job
I (most of the time) have classes on the side
I run a small business
I enjoy spending time with Jesus
I like to run
I hope to be a good friend
I want to serve in my church and community

SO today, I'm just going to open right up and tell you about what I don't do.
because those things up there are better. they just are. those are the things I want to get done.
all else falls by the wayside.

Now, in a perfect world, I'd get all these other things done too.
It all sounds great and perfect. and that's just what it is. perfect.
it doesn't happen in my life and I'm not sure if it's happening in yours. 

my house has piles of sheets.

I don't do laundry or cleaning.
I don't buy organic food
I don't cook every night. Or even really half the nights.
I don't have a pinterest worthy outfit or hairstyle every day.
My house is not spotless
We don't wear all brand name clothes

somehow I managed to kill a succulent. I thought these were the plants for people that kill plants?

there are times these things get done. but when they don't, I've learned to not stress.
because I've learned to ask myself.
If I succeed at one thing this week, what do I want it to be?


  1. I also struggle with these same things! I would rather sit on the couch curled up with my husband than be a busy body running around doing laundry and dusting. I can't remember the last time I mopped our bathroom floor. I know that's gross. But I would rather enjoy our evenings together.

  2. I wrote about struggling with a similar thing of stressing over our house in its messy and renovation underway state :) I love your ending question...what do I want to succeed in this week?

    stopping by from Jessi and Hayley's linkup :)

  3. Yep, yep!! Whenever I get upset that the house isn't cleaned or the dishes aren't done or the laundry is in piles, I have to remind myself that it's because our house is lived in! We enjoy it and play and get dirty. I spend time with my family in it. I think if it was all perfect, it would be because I'm at work and my kids are at daycare and that's not how I want it. I want to be home making messes and memories :)

  4. You were the first one to help me cut out the good for the better back when we were in Focus... because my weakness is adding too many programs and ministry activities to my plate to make any of them meaningful or beneficial. Thanks for sharing Lauren!

  5. I deal with this as well...and when I think of my life with an "eternal viewpoint" I realize just how much all of those things don't matter. Loving people matters... playing with my baby and loving on my hubby are what I should be doing and where I should put my value. Great reminder.

  6. I love this, you give such great perspective! Thanks for the reminder!


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