Friday, May 25, 2012

UPDATE: May food challenge

we're now on the last home stretch of this month.
if you remember, for this month Sam and I decided to change a few things about our diet:

and it's been great.
honestly, I haven't missed cookies and ice cream like I thought I would.

and most of our dinners are now coming from SkinnyTaste,
which has tons of yummy stuff.
and I started finding that a lot of my pinterest food was pinned from there anyways.
so, we eat 90% of our dinners from there now.

and we're using MyFitnessPal to count calories.
that part's not as fun, but we're learned a lot about how much certain things are.
like cheese.
if you're on there, leave your username at the bottom and I'll friend you.
because I could use a couple more friends on there to keep me accountable. 

Sam's lost a few pounds, but for me, I'm at the same place weight wise.
but I do notice a change in how I feel.
so, for now, I think we'll keep some of the changes long term.
less ice cream in the fridge for sure.

and with that, we're having a friend in town for Memorial Day weekend
and off for mexican food tonight.

Now through Monday night (5/28) at midnight, use the coupon code
for 20% off!


  1. You guys are so strong for being able to do that. I don't eat those things very often, but I would probably die if I couldn't have them at all ;) Yay for positive changes though! Especially when they are rewarded with Mexican...


    1. Thanks Jessie, for us it's been finding changes that we can make permanent! I've found I really enjoy the SkinnyCow ice cream sandwiches when I REALLY am craving ice cream, and it doesn't undo the whole day!


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