Thursday, May 3, 2012

throwing money away

each semester of my undergrad, I was lucky to get out spending under $500 on textbooks.
just books!
and going to sell them back--I could barely buy a single dinner with the cash you get back.
and the new versions. don't get me started. 
a new version a year so that the version of the book you have becomes instantly worthless.
it gives me hives.

This time around--taking my prerequisites and nursing school classes, I'm doing textbooks a bit differently.
Did you know you can rent your textbooks from CampusTextbookRentals
for a fraction of the cost?
and shipping is free?

I've already looked up the books I need for my summer classes, and to rent them is only $56!
for three books!
purchasing them from the bookstore would cost me $322
Um. that's a ton of cash.
Here's my nutrition book for only $13. that's the price of lunch! 

so instead of throwing that money away, I'm a renter for life. 
not to mention how much better it is for the environment.
and my wallet. 
and stacks of old textbooks don't make the best decor.
trust me, we have some of those stacks.

*This post was sponsored by Campus Textbook Rentals, but all opinions are 100% my own!
(Really, we all want to save some cash money!)

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