Friday, May 4, 2012

target: cheap and lovely


Target. a wonderful and dangerous place.
it's a go-to store for me for just about everything
trendy items that don't need to least 5+ years?
target's got it at a great price.

I picked up those lepoard flats and skinny jeans yesterday.
my very first pair of skinny jeans.
and my second pair of jeans. 

speaking of a good deal,
did you know you can print online coupons for target from their website?
and they frequently have clothing coupons.
$3 off a top. i'm all over that.

and you can sign up for a DEBIT card from target that gives you 5% off
everytime, on anything.
just take a blank check with you next time you go.
what's your favorite thing to shop for at target?
do you have any money saving tips from target?


  1. Target is dangerous! I went there last night for a swimsuit, but I wanted it all! Such cute stuff!

  2. target. cheap and lovely for sure. i love that top!


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