Thursday, May 31, 2012

giving up on blogging

I'm linking up with Jessi today for the "Giving up on Good series", and you should too.
for something that I started out as a hobby,
a way to keep up with friends.
it can sure turn into stress.

posting 5 times a week.
pretty pictures.
recipes, DIYs, and outfit posts
it can all get a little much.

and then there's the countless hours spent reading other blogs
their million followers,
perfect pictures,
and daily posts.

and instead of leaving "blog land"
refreshed and renewed,
I can leave feeling depressed and not quite measuring up.

because really,
I don't make homemade dish soap and laundry detergent
my meals aren't all organic and vegan
and most of the time, I don't look picture-worthy

So, blogging for me is changing. it's getting back to the reason it started.

no more worry and stress when I'm not posting every day. no more guilt.
no more counting followers. hoping and praying this little place will grow. and no more feeling less capable when it doesn't.

and YES to:
telling our families story.
making big of who HE is, not who I am.


and, also: GRACE to you wonderful daily bloggers with the best pictures. if it's your thing, go for it.


and, B:  school starts for me again on Monday. wah wah wah, summer's almost over.
BUT, to celebrate, I'm having massive sale until Monday. black friday massive. in may. and june.

SO, because summer's almost over
because I love you
and because I just want to
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  1. You hit the nail on the head for my thoughts today! Thank you!!

    Will be back, for sure. Ahhhhh, I can breathe again with less guilt. Relief.

    BTW - love the Etsy line! Checking it out more right now...

  2. hoping this will give you freedom. do you know what my goal is for posting right now? one day a week. one true, honest, real and boiled down day a week.

    1. Oh, lady. You are so right. Just one true and honest post is enough. And I love your posts. For me, when I don't post, I get this lie in my head that "my readers are mad." But it's just a lie.

  3. I found your post via nap time diaries. I agree, sometimes blogging can be overwhelming. Even with people I follow, I don't have their talents, interests, or even philosophies about some things. But, blogging isn't about making me a carbon copy of them, its about me sharing my heart and encouraging others from there. Great post, great thoughts. Don't give up blogging entirely if you love it.=)

    1. You are right. it's about sharing ourselves. We're not like anyone else!

  4. Amen girly!!!! That is why I blog. (: No pressure... remember to enjoy it. (:

  5. Your blog is precious & I hate it has been a headache to you! Do it for yourself, not us :) No worries!

  6. I know I'm super late on this and you already posted a follow-up to this one, BUT I wanted to say anyway that I feel ya! I think we will always be susceptible to comparison, in some seasons less so than in others, but I totally agree that we need to get back to who you are and why you started blogging to begin with. I felt that recently, and posting about it and having people comment back was helpful in knocking down some of the stories I make up in my head. And also just kind of taking space away for a few days or a week to reset myself was so helpful. Even feeling like I COULD take space away and that people would still be around when I got back was freeing.

    Also! (to make this long comment even longer haha), I definitely, definitely, definitely agree that blogging needs to be about making HIM big and not us. Story of our lives though, right?


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